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Each of us follows a unique path to connect with the Divine. There are as many paths to the Divine as souls inhabiting the Earth. Honoring your unique path is the first step to strengthen your Divine Con­nection.

Fully designed in partnership with the Divine, ‘MY DIVINE CONNECTION: FIFTY STEPS TO YOUR DIVINE FULFILLMENT ON EARTH’ is a captivating book that will help you discover your unique way for connecting with the Divine.

Through a series of fifty steps, this book will take you on a vibrational jour­ney, from the more physical and tangible expressions of Divinity to the highest energy frequencies of Oneness. As you discover your own personal way to con­nect with the Divine, you become a more conscious spark of Light and conduit of Divine expression on Earth.

I invite you to join me on this Divine journey, a journey designed for everyone who wants to be a part of Humanity’s ascension into Love and Divine understanding.

Much Love,




My Divine Connection is probably the most pragmatic and actionable spirituality book I read.


This is a book of powerful questions with the capacity to open the reader to new insight and authentic connection with the Divine.


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