Divine Connection

How to Awaken Your Enlightening Divine Wisdom 

As human beings, we have always been interested in acquiring knowledge. ‘Scientia potentia est’ / ‘Knowledge is power’, as the saying goes. Knowledge helps us understand our reality and become aware of the existence of things. Wisdom, however, is quite a different story… Wisdom goes beyond knowledge: wisdom is a form of experienced knowledge, it’s about having the ability to make good judgments based on a deep understanding of life. But what exactly is Divine Wisdom? And how is it related to you? Let’s find that out…


You are a spiritual Being having an Earthly experience. Your physical body, composed of trillions of cells, is the vessel and vehicle that your Soul is currently inhabiting to experience physical life on this planet.

You see, you and everyone around you are an amazing creation! You are a living example of the Divine merged with the Terrestrial, of the Eternal working in partnership with the ephemeral, of non-physical dimensions interacting with your three-dimensional phyisicality.

As you grow up and reach adulthood, you accumulate knowledge and wisdom through all of your life experiences. We will call this ‘Earthly wisdom’. However, your Soul, a Divine aspect of yourself, is bringing with it an immense body of knowledge and wisdom: your Divine Wisdom.

Your Divine Wisdom has been gathered by your Soul through an incredible amount of time and experiences that go beyond our earthly human comprehension. Your Soul holds the memories and lessons that it has acquired through other Earthly journeys (lifetimes), through journeys in other galaxies, and through journeys beyond the physical dimensions.

This Divine Wisdom is encoded as informational patterns within the energetic tapestry of your Soul. It is when these Soul energy patterns interact with your own body’s energy system and mind that you become aware of the powerful Divine Wisdom contained within yourself.

Sometimes people use the term ‘old soul’ to refer to a person with unparalleled wisdom. In truth, this person might be unknowingly tapping into his/her Divine wisdom. And so can you!

We are living in times when more and more people are awakening to the fact that we truly are multidimensional Beings of Light, and that we are made of living energy continuously interacting with non-physical dimensions. This phenomenon, of course, includes the interaction between our mind and our Soul’s Divine Wisdom. As we become aware of this amazing spiritual alchemy, we can begin to tap into our Divine Wisdom and use it to improve and accelerate our path to happiness, love, and inner growth.

Connecting with the Divine Wisdom contained within yourself can enlighten your life in ways you have never dreamed of. It is about bringing up to surface eons old lessons and experiences that can assist you in moving forward during this lifetime.

The incoming high frequency energies that started pouring over the planet a few years ago are slowly unlocking these Soul memories in all of us. Some people are starting to naturally recall and reconnect with their Divine Wisdom, while others need a little reminder to get started. And that’s what this article is about: it is a gentle wake-up call, it is an ‘spiritual memo’ that says: your Divine Wisdom is waiting for you!

Throughout my inner journey and work with the Angels I came to the realization that there is no single way or method for connecting with our Divine Wisdom that fits all. Each of us has a unique history and hence a unique way to connect with the Divine. That said, developing a daily meditation practice is a great place to start.


Meditation in this case simply means devoting daily time (it could be just five minutes) to be by yourself and connect with the Divine. Here’s a short example of the process that you can use:

Find a quiet place where no one can disturb you (turn off your cellphone as well). Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, and relax your body on the exhale. Center your awareness in your heart area and say this short affirmation to yourself:

‘Dear Soul and every aspect of my Divinity within, I am here to reconnect with you. Please help me find the way to you, so we can once again become One. Allow me to recall the Divine Wisdom you have for me in this lifetime so I can use it for my personal growth, healing, and inner understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen’.

This daily short meditation will kickstart the reconnection and awakening process. You might start receiving insights about your Self, your life situations, and also about the paths you might need to take to connect deeply with your Soul’s wisdom. It will be useful to keep a journal to write down any feelings or visions you might experience during your meditation.

Do not be discouraged if nothing happens at first. Reconnecting with your Divine Wisdom is an ongoing life process, so please be loving and patient with yourself and your journey. All comes to those who seek with a true heart.

I was recently guided to write the book ‘My Divine Connection’  to act as a step-by-step roadmap for you to reconnect with the Divine. Please check it out if you feel guided to.

Your Divine Wisdom is an integral part of who you are. The time has come for all of us to finally reconnect with our Soul Wisdom and to integrate and bring forth this amazing fountain of Enlightenment.

Much love,


There’s no relationship of greater importance to achieve than the one between you, in your physical body, and the Divinity from which you came from. You can strengthen your Divine Connection by working with my book ‘My Divine Connection: Fifty Steps to Your Divine Fulfillment on Earth’.



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