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5 Useful Spiritual Tips You Need To Know For June 2017

Dear Friends, the energy of last week’s Super New Moon is slowly dissipating but its effect on us will be profound and long-lasting. The Super New Moon energy, however, is not done with us yet…

We will be experiencing another Super New Moon in the month of June (on June 24)! These Super New Moons in tandem will be creating a powerful window of manifesting and insightful energy. And it all starts this week. 


This week and the few weeks ahead are going to be days of deep spiritual realizations in which valuable information will be flowing to us in many different ways.

We will be experiencing revelations, inspirations, and a few ‘Aha!’ moments. Like gravity around a star, the Universe will be pouring pearls of wisdom to keep us moving forward and fulfilling our life purpose.

These deep insights will be paving the way to the amazing life changes you will be experiencing in the second half of this year.

The following five tips will help you make the best of this powerful and enlightening period. They will provide you with a solid and practical spiritual platform to surf the waves of these tandem Super New Moons.

Tip 1. If you have not done this yet, please start a daily meditation practice. 

This is no secret: the less noisy your mind is, the clearer the messages you receive from the Universe will be. The stillness of the mind reveals the bustling of the Divine.

The physiological and emotional benefits of meditation are many and have been widely explored. You can meditate in several different ways: sitting, walking in nature, chanting, while creating art, and even while showering.

The key point is that you devote at least 5-15 minutes to be by yourself and calm down your ‘monkey mind’ (a term used to describe an overactive thought process in which your mind constantly jumps from one thought to another).

A daily meditation practice will help you relax your mind and train your awareness to stay focused on your thoughts and feelings.

You can start by practicing with a simple meditation technique based on focusing your awareness on your breath. Close your eyes and focus your attention on each inhale and exhale for a few minutes. Observe the way your thoughts behave. If you get distracted, bring your awareness back to your breathing process. You will notice your awareness and attention improving day by day.


Tip 2. Pay attention to any insights you receive during the dream state (and during your meditation practice). 

Dream recollection and interpretation have been fascinating humans since the early days of civilization. Ancient people considered dreams ‘a window into the Universe and the sacred worlds’.

We all dream. You might not clearly remember your dreams but the knowledge you acquired during your dream state stays with you at deep levels to be recalled later on at the right moment.

During the dream state, your mind is more relaxed and open to receiving messages from non-physical planes/dimensions. Keep a journal (either paper or digital) nearby so you can write down any key dream feelings or insights. Even if you can’t interpret them immediately, their meaning will be revealed at a later time.

Tip 3. Your intuition and sensitivity to your surrounding energies will be heightened during the upcoming weeks.  

The New Moon energies are slowly awakening our sense of intuition and integrity. Treat the signs you receive with respect and rely upon them with confidence! They will hold the keys to your decisions and next steps in the coming weeks.

During this period, you will be able to clearly sense which relationships and situations are aligned with your inner truth and which ones need to be released. (Keep this in mind as we get closer to the Full Moon).

I recently wrote an article on the topic of intuition and insights, you might want to check it out (here) to get a deeper sense of this amazing process.

Tip 4. This week and the coming few weeks will be especially conducive to communicating with Angels and other Divine Guides.

Divine Being of Light are always around you, and they can deliver powerful loving and supportive messages to guide your decision-making process during this period.

The Angels can see our life from a higher perspective and have access to information that is beyond our ego-based point of view. As you listen to the guidance of these Angelic Beings, you begin to understand the deeper meaning behind your life situations.

If you are new to working with Angels, you can grab a copy of my recently released book ‘Are Your Angels Talking To You? to learn how to identify your preferred style of Angelic communication.

Tip 5. Try to guide your actions based on your inner feelings and the insights you receive.

This is a period of fresh starts and new beginnings, so please be patient with yourself and the seeds you plant in the following weeks.

Although these are times of renewal and rebirths it’s better not to rush into action, but rather wait until the seeds naturally sprout and you have the answers your seek to fully move forward.

Have faith that events will unfold perfectly and that you will know exactly when to move forward to manifest your intentions.

The Moon is considered to be the ruler of our emotions as well as our personal needs. It gives us insights into how we feel about things and the people/relationships around us.

These May/June tandem Super New Moons will be acting like cosmic magnifying glasses on our emotions and the understanding of our new life directions.

As the moon grows larger and larger each day, your insights will become clearer and clearer. Please do follow these 5 tips during the next few weeks, you will be amazed at the revelations and ‘aha!’ moments you will experience. (Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below).

May these enlightening and revealing weeks give you the keys you need to open the doors to the fulfillment of your intentions and the joyful life you seek.

Much Love,


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