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The Soulmates Trilogy. Part 1: Welcome to Your Soul’s Family.

Dear Friends, ‘no man is an island’ wisely wrote the English poet John Donne in 1624. We are billions of Souls on this planet. Divine Sparks of Light interacting with each other on a daily basis. These interactions impact us more than we think, and some at deeper levels than others…

Those significant relationships, or soulmate relationships, come into our lives for specific Divinely orchestrated purposes. The Divine comes through in these relationships to teach us something important about ourselves, something profound about who we truly are.

Relationships are in themselves a way to help us understand that after all, we are all mirrors of each other reflecting an aspect of ourselves. Each of us is a facet of an infinite Divine diamond.

This ‘Soulmates Trilogy’ article is here to assist you in identifying these types of soulmate relationships in your life and to help you bring a deeper awareness from a Divine perspective into the relationship. By doing so, you will be able to create more harmony, understanding, and healing in every relationship that you encounter.

This article will focus on three main types of soulmate relationships we encounter in our Earthly lifetimes: the ones with our family members (described in this first chapter), soulmate relationships with friends and acquaintances (the second chapter), and the romantic type of soulmate relationship (to be described in the third and last chapter).

Infusing a relationship with Divine wisdom will result in an increased level of understanding, healing, and inner and outer growth for everyone involved.


Soulmates 101

The word ‘soulmate’ can mean different things to different people. In this article, we are defining soulmate first in general terms, and then in each chapter of the trilogy, we will go deeper into the three different categories.

A soulmate is a person with whom you share a spiritually based relationship or connection. 

These soulmate relationships come into your life so that you can grow and expand into the best version of yourself. These people will affect your life in meaningful ways. This does not mean the lessons to be learned are pain-free, however, the outcome and the personal growth you will obtain through these relationships can be extremely rewarding.

Soulmate relationships are indeed matches made in Heaven. In the same way that we interact with each other physically, our Souls also interact in the higher realms before ‘coming down’ to Earth. It is on these higher planes of non-physical energies that specific relationship scenarios are played and arranged based on the specific learning needs of each soul.

It is, for this reason, that all types of soulmate relationships can appear in your life at any time and in several different contexts and places. And most likely, when you least expect them.

Soulmates can come into your life for a minute, a day, a month, or a lifetime. It is not the length of the relationship what defines a soulmate, it is the ’emotional density’ of the relationship. It is the extent to which such a relationship helps you grow and evolve.

Let’s begin now with the first and most basic level of soulmate relationships: your family members.

‘No Soul is an Island’ – Your Soul’s Family

As human beings, we are brought into this world through the actions of two people/souls (I am using the most conventional biological way here but any other scenario would fit as well).

These two parental souls are the ones creating the conditions on Earth so that the new incoming soul will encounter the circumstances, and family, that will be most conducive for the initial development of that specific soul’s path on Earth.

As you know, our early and childhood years are pivotal moments in our emotional, physical, and intellectual development. It is these intimate and close relationships with our family members that mold and create the foundations of our belief systems about society, reality, and most importantly, of ourselves.

Our families are our most significant soulmate relationships during our first steps on Earth. And the lessons we learn from them will be continuously shaping our lives.

Some of you may have chosen harmonious soulmate family relationships, while in other cases the circumstances of these soulmate family relationships are more challenging.

Only retrospectively, years later, we get to understand the dynamics of those early soulmate family relationships and become aware of how big their role was in the shaping of our Earthly personality on this lifetime.

In time, we get to realize that our parents also had their own initial soulmate family relationships to deal with when they came into this world. Every Soul on this planet goes through this very same initial formative stage with its respective soulmate family relationships.

They say ‘you can’t choose your family…’, but as a matter of fact, each of us has chosen our soulmate family relationships well before we got to meet them here in ‘real life’.


If you feel guided to, please take a few minutes to meditate on the lessons you have learned or the aspects of yourself that have been healed as you understood the soulmate connection between you and any of your family members. You might want to write these insights down in a journal for future reference.

If this exercise elicits harsh feelings towards yourself or another person, please stop for a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and focus your awareness in your heart for a couple of minutes as you continue breathing deeply. As you do this, send love and light to the person you have been thinking about.

Remember that forgiveness and compassion are two of the main lessons every single soul on this planet is here to learn. As we offer forgiveness, we allow our Soul’s Light to shine even brighter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.39.30 PM

Next month, on the next chapter of this ‘Soulmates Trilogy’, we will be looking into those soulmate relationships that can act as our ‘supportive spiritual columns’ outside the close circle of our soulmate family: our soulmate friendships and acquaintances. Stay tuned!

Much Love,


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