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Welcome ​July 2017! Five Tips You Need To Know To Empower Your Month

Dear Friends, we have reached the second part of this intense and transformative year. For many of us, this year has so far been an emotional, physical, and spiritual roller coaster. But hold onto your hat! the best is yet to come…

We have just had two Super New Moons in tandem (one in May and one in June) creating a powerful attraction vortex for new beginnings and fresh starts. These transformative incoming waves of energy will have a long-lasting effect, and we will begin noticing the changes this very month.

The month of July 2017 is all about taking inspired action steps towards the manifestation of the amazing life you deserve.


The following Divinely guided five tips will help you make the best of this fast-acting and transformative period. They will provide you with a solid and practical spiritual platform to surf the energy waves of these tandem Super New Moons and enact real change in your life.

It will be useful to revisit this article once a week during this month to check in with yourself and see how you are doing.

Tip 1. Follow your passions 

The month of July is calling you into action! These four weeks will be a great period to explore your creativity and to give birth to beloved projects. It’s a time to step out into the world and accomplish amazing things.

The seeds you plant and actions steps you take this month will result in abundance and prosperity, as long as these steps are aligned with your true passions. Devote time to expanding the ways in which your passions can be expressed into the world.

Even small steps will become meaningful stepping-stones for the months to come. Trust that your faith and skills you already possess will take you exactly to where you need to be.

As you spend time working on activities related to your spiritual passions and interests, every part of your life automatically improves.

You might want to make sure that you take at least one action step per week in the direction of your goals. If it’s not yet exactly clear what your passions are, simply follow tip 2 below.

Tip 2. Pursue activities that make your heart and soul sing!

This month will be seeing you spending more time in activities that are much more aligned with your soul’s desires. The energy changes created by the tandem Super New Moons will be pushing you towards people, places, and activities that will help you discover and develop your true life purpose.

You are meant to find great happiness and fulfillment in your life, and the sensing that there’s more to life than what you have been experiencing so far will become more evident as the month progresses.

July will give you the impetus you need to start taking charge of your life and to move on to happier and more exciting experiences. It’s time to finally get to those activities that will create the space for your soul to spread its wings!

You might want to read a new spirituality book, or start a new hobby, move to a new location, or even start a new part-time career. Do what makes your heart smile.

Tip 3. Open your heart and mind to the new opportunities the Universe is sending your way!

This month will be a time of great success for those of you who decide to step forward and show the Universe your willingness to grow and evolve.

Our life is a constant co-creative process in which our actions steps are mirrored and answered by the forces of Universal creation. We need to do our part, no matter how small the steps are! As we take inspired action, unexpected opportunities will appear in front of us.

If you are worried about finances, please know that the abundant Universe will be taking care of your material needs. Open yourself to the infinite possibilities, the Divine works in mysterious and magical ways…

This month keep your eyes and ears open to any unexpected opportunities coming your way, for they will be answers to your prayers and actions. Promotions or very positive changes in jobs will be likely.

Tip 4. Let go of the past…

As we continue moving forward and evolving into the amazing Beings of Light that we are, we come to the realization that change is the only constant in life. However, change also means letting go.

Changes and transitions can create sadness and stress, but please keep in mind that these feelings will fade in time and will soon be replaced by more joyful experiences. And all that will remain is a stronger, more spiritually evolved you.

As you release situations and relationships that are no longer aligned with your inner truth, you make room for fresh starts and new beginnings. But there is no need to be alone during this process, seek out loved ones to spend time with if necessary.

In this transitional month, give yourself some time to emotionally heal while also reaching out for the joys of life. And most importantly, practice forgiveness as you let go of the old and embrace the future. Send love and light to your own heart and to those who have contributed to your life.

Always remember that your loving Angels will be surrounding you throughout this releasing process.

Tip 5. Unclutter your life!

This tip is somewhat connected to the previous one: it has to do with creating more organization in your life. This month is the perfect time to clean up all aspects of your life that no longer serve your Divine purpose.

If your space is cluttered and disorganized, then it’s time to tidy up! Our outer environments are indeed reflections of our inner self, and restructuring our living and working spaces can have a big positive impact on our emotions and outlook on life.

If your home is full of things you no longer use, you can have a garage sale, give them away to people in need, or donate them to a reputable charitable organization. Once you have uncluttered your space, it might be time to apply some Feng Shui arrangements to allow for an optimal flow of energy.

If there are people in your life who only take and do not give back or are creating unnecessary drama in your world, it may be time to release them as well…

July is a time for letting go of old habits and stagnant life situations so that fresh and invigorating energy can find its way into your life.

The energy of the May/June tandem Super New Moons has been acting like a cosmic magnifying lens on our deep emotions and on the understanding of our new life directions. This month marks the beginning of the physical changes we will be experiencing during the rest of this year.

May these productive and dynamic weeks give you the power you need to find new ways and open new doors to the fulfillment of your life purpose and the joyful life you seek.

Much Love,


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  1. Thankyou…..I found this very interesting and on the mark for me…..Like u had just given a me a personal reading for the rest of this year…and previous 6 months… ….Very much what I needed to hear and reinforce in my life…..much appreciated. …😊

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