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The Fearless New Moon Energy of July 23, 2017

Dear Friends, get those ice cubes ready… the energy of the New Moon on Sunday, July 23, 2017, will be hot-tempered! It’s time to burn off some energy by engaging in bold actions leading to new directions and beginnings.

A New Moon signifies fresh starts. It’s the perfect time to turn (or burn in this case) a new leaf, set your intentions, acknowledge goals, and commit to your vision for the next 28 days.

This weekend’s New Moon will fall in the sign of roaring Leo, but most importantly, it will be heavily influenced by the energy of our neighboring planet Mars. This means that this New Moon will trigger your deep passions and determination to get things done. 

But alas, the strong Mars influence during this New Moon means that the new beginnings might start with a ‘bang!’. After all, Mars was considered the God of War in ancient times, and needless to say, things can get chaotic, aggressive, and unpredictable. This New Moon will test your patience and your nerves – remember to keep it cool…

Even though the energy of this New Moon is more on the volatile side, we can still harness this powerful force and channel it into constructive action plans to set new projects into motion. This is the type of energy that will give your New Moon intentions an amazing manifestation boost.

‘Mars Attacks!’ (metaphorically speaking)

As the indomitable energy of the planet Mars passes through the New Moon on Sunday, it will generate a concentrated ‘Martian energy beam’ that will reach the Earth and affect all of us.


Mars is often described as the ‘Red Planet’ because of the color it reflects. This coloring is, in fact, rust covering its surface, seen from our perspective as a reddish glow to the star in the night sky. And as you probably know, the energy vibrations emitted by the color red are associated with fire, war, sex, power, and determination.

Mars represents everything that is hot, spicy, flaming, and sharp, therefore, its energy can be rebalanced with cooling, watery, sweet, and mild flavors and pastel colored items.

So what are we to do with this fiery Martian New Moon energy? The constructive aspects of this energy can be assimilated and utilized to boost our intentions and goals, but the energy surplus can not be restrained inside of ourselves and we must find healthy ways to express it into the world.

This weekend will be a great time to unleash your creative, sexy, spontaneous, bold, and joyful side. Physical activity will also be a healthy energy outlet. Play some sports, go jogging or walking, or gardening if you have the option. Remember to cool your body down after your exercise session. 

Your goal is to get the extra energy out of your system in a safe way without upsetting others. The release of this accumulated energy may lead to the most amazingly creative and intellectual endeavors during this New Moon.

You should also avoid taking impulsive actions or dangerous risks. This volatile Martian New Moon energy can result in conflicts, turmoil, and power struggles. Once again, remember to keep it cool…make_art_not_war__by_crazyspacetimeAll of us are already going through a major transformative period, our old Self is slowly merging with our new Enlightened Self. This process of spiritual alchemy has been generating emotional frictions within and among ourselves. We are all becoming ‘Phoenixes’, we are all learning to become bright Human Beings of Light.

Because of this, please be kind and patient with yourself and with those around you during this weekend’s New Moon. Please remember that the influence of the New Moon will be felt a few days before and after the exact date of this celestial event. Deep emotions might come up to surface in those of you who need to let go and cleanse old outdated belief systems so that new opportunities can come into your life.


On Sunday, July 23, 2017, set your clear intentions to have a successful, joyful, authentic, and balanced life. Plant the seeds of harmony, understanding, and Divine Love so they can grow deep roots during this new 28 days cycle.

May the energy of this fearless Martian New Moon give you the healthy push you need to confidently and daringly shine your renewed Light onto the world.

Much Love,


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13 thoughts on “The Fearless New Moon Energy of July 23, 2017”

  1. Thank you for your dedication and love to help me on my new spiritual journey. It has inspired me to keep with it. I can only believe our creator loves us despite what we do. I’m looking for the real me, need to heal and stop fighting myself.
    Bless us all 💨💕💞

    Liked by 1 person

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