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August 2017: Five Ways For You To Master The Eclipse Energies

Dear Friends, welcome to August 2017, a stunning month that will lead to transformations, success, and long-term life changes.

One of the most amazing and awe-inspiring celestial event takes place on August 21: a total Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is a time of deep reconnections between the physical and the non-physical worlds, between the lower and the higher dimensions, between your ego mind and the wisdom of your Soul.

The total solar eclipse will be complemented by a partial Full Moon Eclipse on August 7. Even though the eclipses will be observed in certain regions of the world (the total Solar Eclipse mostly in North America and the partial Full Moon eclipse in much of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia), their energies will spread worldwide.

This lunar and solar ‘eclipse tandem’ will be opening a powerful energetic window for big personal and world changes. The effects of August’s eclipse tandem will be felt through out the rest of the year and into the next.

(I will be posting separate articles for each of these two eclipses in the coming days. This post will focus on five key aspects that will help you surf these transformative eclipse energies through out the month. You can subscribe right here to stay up to date).

Eclipses have fascinated humankind for thousands of years. They have been depicted in the wonderful mythology of ancient Egypt and recorded in China and Babylonia over 4,000 years ago. The ancient Greeks even wrote poems about these transformative celestial events.

Nowadays, we continue feeling a deep sense of wonder when we observe these splendid astronomical events. Something awakens inside of us as we witness the powerful energy that emanates from this light and dark majestic dance.

And this month, which hosts both a lunar and a solar eclipse, will be as spectacular and transformative as it can be.

The month of August 2017 is all about taking initiative with confidence and enthusiasm to bring positive changes and forward movement in your life.


The following five Divinely guided tips will help you make the best of this uplifting and transformative period. They will provide you with a solid and practical platform to surf the energy waves of the lunar and solar eclipses and enact real changes in your life.

It will be useful to revisit this article once a week during this month to check in with yourself and see how you are doing. Each tip below is followed by a short self-exploratory questionnaire to guide your action steps. Here we go:

Tip #1. Leave Behind Outdated Ways of Being and Living.

This truly is the perfect time to enact change in your life. The energies of the lunar and solar tandem eclipses will be giving us all an intense boost of energy that will assist us in leaving behind old belief systems.

The occurence of these two eclipses at this particular time is a way for the Universe to tell us that we can no longer procrastinate on making the changes that we know in our hearts we need to make. As the month progresses, the changes you need to enact will become crystal clear.

Change is inevitable if we are to grow and evolve. Embrace these new directions in your life as liberating and exciting!  But always remember you do not need to go through these changes alone. Your Angels can help you find the new paths and meaning in your life you have been longing for.

What types of limiting beliefs, or situations, do you feel you need to let go from your life? Is there a new direction you feel guided to take?

Tip #2. Do What You Know is Right For You.

The eclipse energies will awaken dormant memories within your Soul. As you continue recalling your true Divine nature, you will find that a few aspects of your life will need to be realigned.

A sense that ‘there is something better waiting for you’ will be quite strong this month. And there truly is! The inward search for answers will be rewarded during this month. It’s time to embrace the brand new You. 

Your past experiences have been very important in helping you understand who you are. Be grateful for what you have learned, it is now time to build upon this knowledge. This month make sure the choices you make are of the utmost integrity and fully aligned with your heart and Soul.

We all walk different paths, we are all unique individuals. No paths are the same. We need to live our own truth regardless of what others say. This month stay true to your path and make the necessary ‘course corrections’ to get back on your Soul’s track.

Are there any areas of your life that feel stagnant? Are you living an authentic life or are you still trying to satisfy other people’s ideas about yourself?

Tip #3. Make a Wish! (or thousands of them).

The transformative energy of the eclipses will not only give you the confidence and insights you need to move forward in your life but will also generate a strong manifesting vortex for these changes to actually take place.

This is a wonderful month to let go of fears and self-limiting beliefs and truly reach for the stars. It’s the perfect time for your wishes, dreams, and hopes to become a reality.

Imagine the month of August as a ‘genie out of the lamp’. The difference is, however, that you do not have to limit yourself to only three wishes… You have an unlimited number of wishes at your disposal! Let worries fade and fears dissolve. Life can be magical and fun if you truly connect with the power of the Universe that resides within yourself.

What wishes would you like to make this month? Do you truly feel you deserve such wishes? Do you fully trust in the manifesting power of the Universe?

Tip #4. Follow your passions.

The month of August is calling you into action. These four weeks will be a great period to explore your creativity and give birth to new projects. It’s a time to step out into the world and accomplish amazing things.

The seeds you plant and actions steps you take this month will result in abundance and prosperity, as long as these steps are aligned with your true passions. Devote time to expanding the ways in which your passions can be expressed into the world.

Even small steps will become meaningful stepping-stones for the months to come. As you spend time working on activities related to your passions and interests, every part of your life will automatically improve. Take a chance and follow your heart!

Is there a project, or career, you would like to pursue but still haven’t had the energy or means to do it? What makes your heart sing with joy? Is your life aligned with your true interests and passions?

Tip #5. Embrace Those Around You.

This month will be a time of great spiritual growth for millions of people around the world, which means that we all need to remember to be kind and compassionate to each other during this period of transitions.

Because of this, it is extremely important to surround yourself with those who love you and share your beliefs and ideals. Seek supportive, loving, and understanding Souls who have your best interests at heart.

This may include people you already know, or perhaps it’s time to join a new group of like-minded individuals. This could mean taking a new class, joining a spiritual/meditation group, or simply reconnect with good friends.

The key point here is to spend time with those who can help you grow spiritually and emotionally. Look for friendships or assistance from people who have their arms and hearts wide open!

Is your circle of friends supportive of your choices? What steps can you take to be around people who are aligned with your goals and ideals?


The energy of this month’s lunar and solar eclipses will make August a unique and special time of the year. These events will be acting like cosmic gateways, opening new paths for all of those who seek to live a fulfilling, joyful, and Soul-aligned life. This month will bring the much needed self-awareness and initiative to enact the big impact life changes we will be experiencing during the rest of this year.

May these transformative, enlightening, and exciting weeks give you the power you need to change your life and align it with your highest Soul purpose.

Much Love,


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6 thoughts on “August 2017: Five Ways For You To Master The Eclipse Energies”

  1. Good morning diego, i am amazed to have read all about your qualities in the card readings, spiritual domain, the cosmic etc., you have quite a lot of qualities, i myself am a clairsentience and i feel for everyone and everything, i had visions in the past, and what i seen has come true, i seen the moon turn red in the 70s and i didnt realise i had abilities till i came to live in manchester, in 1986. I am intrigued by your abilities and can see you are very special. Keep up the good work and god bless you. Much love kath ryan. ❤

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