Celestial Energies

The Marvelous Lunar Eclipse Energy of August 7, 2017

Dear Friends, it’s time to jump high and reach for the stars! One of the most beautiful celestial events takes place on Monday, August 7, 2017: a partial Full Moon eclipse.

About one-quarter of the Full Moon’s lower region will be immersed in the Earth’s dark umbral shadow on Monday. This eclipse will mostly be seen in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia), much of the Western Hemisphere will be shut out of seeing this eclipse since it will occur during the daylight hours when the moon is below the horizon.

Nevertheless, the energy of this amazing Full Moon eclipse will be felt worldwide and its effects will prepare us all for the total solar eclipse of August 21. 

One of the names given to this month’s Full Moon by the North American tribes is ‘Sturgeon Moon’, which refers to the time of the year when these large fish of the Great Lakes jump out of the water in their prime season.

A similar process will be happening to us all this week: the powerful eclipse and Full Moon energies will be pushing us to thrive, prosper, and achieve personal success as we move out of our comfort zone. 

On every Full Moon we get to experience cleansing and release. This is a natural process that allows us to make room for the new in our lives, to continually have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. This particular lunar eclipse will bring to surface deeply rooted and hidden emotions that are yearning to come up to be released so we can move forward into new and more fulfilling directions.

Becoming the Leader of Your Life

This Full Moon and lunar eclipse take place in the sign of Aquarius, in the constellation of Capricorn. Many different philosophies and spiritual schools have given a special place to this star configuration. Capricorn is also called the ‘Sea Goat’, an Assyro-Babylonian mythological creature featuring a fish tail and a goat head.


This combination of fish and goat energies generates a dynamic, ‘go-get it’, ambitious, and leadership type of energy. This thriving energy will be passing through the Full Moon during the eclipse, showering the Earth and all of us with a powerful drive to achieve success, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment.

The partial full moon eclipse will stir deep emotions and might have an effect on your mood, behavior, and relationships dynamics. The strong need to take charge, succeed, and prosper in all areas of your life might create a few frictions and bruised egos among those around you. Competitiveness, selfishness, and greed will need to be kept in balance. This is a time to let go of your ego by trusting in a higher power and in Divine timing.

But worry not! This marvelous energy can truly bring about the happiness and success you need to continue enacting positive and transformative life changes. Eclipses bring the unexpected, new opportunities, and course corrections that force us into action. Change can be a great thing, especially when our actions stem from our Heart and are being guided by our Higher Self.

The next few days can be emotionally charged for those of you who are sensitive to the full moon energies. Make sure you get some rest and also try to be patient with yourself and those around you as you move through these intense days of emotional cleansing.

Follow the steps indicated below to alleviate any Full Moon sensitivity symptoms.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.51.01 PM.png

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Earth will be between the Sun and the Moon. For a moment, we can see the Earth’s shadow turning the luminous Full Moon into shades of reds, browns, and grays. A Lunar Eclipse gives us a glimpse into our ‘shadow self.’ We discover hidden emotions that sometimes we prefer to ignore.

However, once we bring these emotions to the surface – just like a fish or a mermaid jumping out of the waters – we have the opportunity to embrace our wholeness in a new Light, and identify the areas where we need to grow. If we are willing to accept the light along with the shadow, lunar eclipses can be magical moments of self-discovery.

On Monday, August 7, 2017, get ready for a significant release of everything that is preventing you from jumping high. It’s time for your deep inner truths to come up to surface and recreate a new life and a new You.

You will come out as a stronger, more confident, and heart-driven person at the end of this lunar eclipse. Keep your thoughts focused on your goals, dreams, and the prosperous days that lie ahead.

May this transformative and thriving Full Moon eclipse give you the determination and inner drive you need to break free from old illusions and to confidently initiate successful long-lasting life transformations.

Much Love,


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