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September 2017: 5 Helpful Tips to Ride the Winds of Change

Dear Friends, a month filled with exciting experiences, life changes, and new beginnings is here! The intense energies that poured over the planet during the lunar and solar eclipses and the Lionsgate in the month of August will start shaking things up individually and worldwide in the next few weeks.

September, and the rest of the months of this year, will see us moving into new fulfilling directions as we align our lives with our Heart and Soul. The energetic changes initiated by last month’s intense eclipse energy waves will begin manifesting themselves within us and in our lives starting this very month.

The month of September 2017 is all about choosing freedom, taking action, and opening your Heart to new experiences and like-minded people who are aligned with your renewed beliefs.


The following five Divinely guided tips will help you make the best of this fast-acting and transformative period. They will provide you with a solid and practical platform to ride the energy waves of September and enact real changes in your life.

It will be useful to revisit this article once a week during this month to check in with yourself and see how you are doing.

Without further ado, here are this month’s tips. Smooth riding Friends.

Tip 1. No More Procrastination…

Life is going to be moving a lot faster this month. Events that may have seemed to be on hold will now suddenly require great focus and attention.

The eclipse energies have triggered profound changes within each of us at many levels, and the energies of the month of September will be pushing us to finally get going and start realigning our life with our highest life purpose.

Things will be moving fast, and there will be a need for adjustments, but it will definitely feel better than the lack of movement from previous months.

No more sitting around and waiting, it is time to get things done if you want to reach a new level of joy, well-being, and fulfillment. Your Soul is ready to express itself through you.

Look for creative and intuitive solutions to any new challenges and you will see excellent results! Although you do need to move quickly, please pay attention and review the details carefully. Think outside the box!

Tip 2. Say Yes! to New Experiences.

As the energy shifts triggered by last month’s energies start activating dormant memories within yourself, your renewed energy fingerprint/vibrations will start attracting new experiences into your life.

These new experiences will be stirring your heart in ways that you have never experienced before. These profound new emotional experiences could come as the budding of a new soul mate relationship, a new career, a relocation, or even a new spiritual path.

September will bring strong emotional experiences that will be better aligned with your renewed level of self-understanding and with the acknowledgment of your need to evolve your life to a higher place.

We will all continue receiving amazing and frequent intuitive information during this month. Please pay attention to these Divinely guided insights, they will be guiding you towards these new amazing life experiences.

Tip 3. Seek Out Loved-Ones to Spend Time With.

Although exhilarating and uplifting, changes and transitions can generate feelings of stress and uncertainty. One of the best ways to move through these challenging times is to surround yourself with those who love and understand you.

There is no need to be alone as we surf these transformative weeks. In spiritual truth, we are never alone. We are constantly surrounded by our loving Angels, who are always willing to give us comforting and supporting messages and guidance.

Nevertheless, human companionship is also a key element of our Earthly journey. As you continue evolving, it is normal to feel the need to find new people who share your vision, or at least who can understand and support the process of metamorphosis you are going through.

This month in particular, do ask your Angels, and/or Earthly friends, to help you find groups or organizations (either in ‘real-life’ or in the virtual internet world) that will embrace you and your belief systems with open arms.

If you feel sad or uncertain during these weeks, please do remember to reach out to people who can lend you a hand, or a pair of Angel wings!

Tip 4. Listen to Your Compassionate Heart. 

Realigning your life to match your Soul wisdom and inner calling can be one of the biggest challenges in our current modern world. We are mostly trained and conditioned to use our intellect above all and to rationalize every single situation we encounter.

However, we are multidimensional Beings and as such we can not leave aside aspects of our true Divine nature.

As we get closer to our Divine essence and our relationship with the Divine deepens, our Hearts will continue opening and compassion will start flowing from our Divine spirit into our hearts. This might result in the desire to help others and spread your Light to those around you.

Family members, friends, and even strangers will feel the love radiating from your Heart. Allow this outpouring compassion to naturally heal the world and the people around you.

Trust that your sensitive, compassionate, tender-hearted, and generous energy will touch the lives of those who will benefit from your amazing Heart. Be a guiding Light to those who need it. 

Tip 5. Free Yourself From Self-Limiting Beliefs.

The changes and transitions we will all be experiencing this month might create a sense of (false) entrapment, making you feel as though there is no way out. But the truth is that there is always another path. 

There is always a way to leave unhappiness and move towards joy. Reach within and touch your Divine inner strength, and know there is nothing you can not do if you only believe in yourself. Sometimes it is our own perceptions that hold us back.

If you encounter a challenging situation, please refuse to be stuck in a place that does not make you happy. This is not the time to wait for someone to come to the rescue… especially when you can rescue yourself!

This month make a promise to yourself that you will take a small step every day toward the future you desire… and then get going!


This month will bring into your life the much-needed opportunities and experiences you need to enact the big impact life changes necessary to align your body, heart, mind, and soul.

May these transformative, exciting, and fast-acting weeks give you the confidence and enlightenment you need to change your life and align it with your highest Soul purpose.

Much Love,


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21 thoughts on “September 2017: 5 Helpful Tips to Ride the Winds of Change”

  1. Thank you Diego your article is so informative & explains some of the feelings I’ve been experiencing lately. I will definitely follow through on your advice, I’ve been feeling so stuck & lost for quite a while & now you’re showing & guiding me to what I needed so much in my journey! Thank you so much 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Dingo . For sharing .I feel I am lost and I don’t no what way my life going . I feel the energy’s has change.. I am reading all you wrote .and I feel now I am understanding what’s happening in the world.thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much Diego. Your postings are most helpful. I have a better understanding of my emotions and can better handle situations and changes in my life. Blessings for all you do 💜💞💙💖

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved reading this as it has helped me really understand my feelings at this particular time , thank you so much Diego you truly are gods messenger , god bless you ♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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